Sunday, August 30, 2009

Taking Another Go At It!

I have not been around for a long, long time. I had a severe bought of depression and was not blogging, writing, or offering inspiration to anyone for way too long. I spent most of my time in solitude, kind of like my own personal Underworld, you know, like where Hades took Persephone and she ate the Pomegranate seeds so she had to come back down with him for 1/3 of the year every year?


I'm coming out of the Underworld now and I really want to make this site work. So, I'm deciding whether or not I'm going to continue with the prompts I have or create totally new ones on new days. I want to pick the days that I'm most likely to post a prompt on time, every week.

So tune in sometime within the next week cuz I will be letting you know what will be happening with the prompts.

Until then you can catch my insane writing here and my insane personal musings here.

I hope everyone in cyberspace is doing well.

Happy writing!