Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday's Theme #3

It took me a while to come up with the theme this week. I've been in a depressed funk so I haven't been feeling so creative.

So, in keeping with my mood this week's theme is Grief/Loss. It's not a very uplifting theme, but it's a theme.


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday Free For All #2

Today, I'm giving two prompts. You can choose to incorporate them both into your piece, or use one or the other. The first one is an image...

Photo by Swimster94 @ Photobucket

The second prompt is a word prompt using four words...


Happy Writing! Don't forget to leave a comment with the link to your post!


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Monday's Theme #2

I hope that everyone had a good weekend and a great Easter, or Oestara, depending on your religious affiliation.

Monday's Theme for this week is:


Happy writing and don't forget to leave a comment with a link to your post.

Have a great week!


A Question

Can anyone tell me how to get Mr. Linky on my blog?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Free For All

I don't know if it is 'proper etiquette' to participate in your own writing prompts, but I'm going to do so anyway. This is the poem I came up with after pondering this picture. It is called Beautiful, because I happen to find this old woman to be stunning.


Beauty is not a fad
Nor dictated by runway models
In desperate need of a cheeseburger.
Beauty is in these eyes
That have seen so much
Each wrinkle that tells
Its own tale, beauty is in
This soul that radiates
Wisdom and peace.
Beauty is in the moment
She finds to pause in her chores
And have a smoke.

Beauty is not a fad,
Nor dictated by shiny
Fashion magazines with their
Anorexic waifs staring at the camera
With dead eyes.
Beauty is this woman,
Dark skin, sparse white hair,
Blemishes and all.
Can you read between the lines,
See the glorious splendor etched
Into every crease of her face?
Can you see the wonder of her soul?

'Beautiful' Copyright Patricia Schoenberger 2008, all rights reserved worldwide.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Free For All Saturday #1

Yes, I'm a day early, so sue me. For this week's Saturday Free For All, I'm posting an image prompt. I found this picture on my computer and I really like it. I don't know where online I found it and if it is a copyrighted image, please forgive me, and leave a comment so I can give you credit for it.

So, craft your poem, story, essay, or whatever around this image and then leave a link to your post so we can all enjoy it.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who has participated so far, there have been some really great pieces! I will be posting a new prompt Saturday morning, I'm not sure what kind of prompt it will be yet, but I'll think of something.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Links and My Other Blogs

Slowly but surely I've been building this blog. I've been adding links to other writing prompt sites, other writing blogs, and soon to come, personal blogs I love. They are not yet complete lists as I have not made requests to everyone I want to add to it yet, and I'm waiting for responses from others. If you are a regular reader of any of my blogs and would like to be added to my blogroll, just leave a comment. All that I ask is that you link to at least one of my blogs in return.

I hope to attract many new writers to this blog, so if you participate in it, please spread the word. The more writers that participate the better.

For those of you who don't know of all my other blogs here is a complete list:

Stuperhero Extraordinaire

Insanity Personified (aka Jane Doe's Musings)

Jane's Writing

Thank you for reading!


Monday, March 17, 2008

Change in Plans

Okay, one of my readers commented on the fact that there are already two sites that offer words to craft a piece around, so I'm not going to do that on Thursdays. Instead, I'm going to offer Saturday Free For All, which will be a mish mash of things. Sometimes a picture prompt, sometimes a few words, sometimes a sentence to use in your piece, and I was also thinking of writing a very short scene for you to finish. I'm sure I'll come up with other things along the way too.

Thank you to those who have participated so far!

And again, welcome to Jane's Insipirations!

Monday's Theme #1

Okay, even though I'm not done with the site, I couldn't wait to get started. So, this is how it stands now. On Mondays I will be posting the theme of the week, called 'Monday's Theme.' Thursdays will be called 'The Thursday 3' and you will be offered three words with which to construct your piece around. And, mabye on Saturdays I will be posting an image prompt, but I haven't decided for sure yet.

So, Monday's Theme this week is:

Random Beauty*

The rules are to write your poem, short story, essay, whatever, then leave a comment with a link to your post so everyone can read it.

Happy Writing!


P.S. If you would like me to post your link leave me a comment and let me know. I'll be posting links to the blogs I read regularly, but to anyone else who wants to be on my blog roll: Ask and ye shall receive!

*Yes, I changed the prompt slightly for those of you who have already been here.

Jane's Inspirations

Welcome to my very own writing prompt website. It is still under construction and I'm deciding what days I will offer prompts, so forgive me if it takes a while to officially get it up and running. I hope that my readers will find lots of inspiration here. I welcome all writers to participate, and I will also be posting my own pieces on Jane's Writing.

So, wish me luck getting it set up and hopefully I will be offering inspiration soon!