Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday's Theme #4

In honor of National Poetry Month, today's theme is simply,


Write a poem about anything you want and leave your link in the comments section so we can all enjoy it.

Have a great week!



lucricausa said...

My thoughts on Poetry. A literal take on your chosen word of inspiration. ;)

j.c. montgomery said...

I have never done a poem for Sunday Scribblings (I think) - so when I saw your post I decided to do one - here it is:

Picture Perfect

gautami tripathy said...

I wouldn't call it poetry. However, thoughts within the mind is poetry as for as I am concerned!


signs of truth

Greyscale Territory said...

This is just one of those odd things thought of from time to time. Maybe an unusual topic for poetry, but thought I'd try it.

Poetic Pieces of Life ~ Nails

Stacey said...
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Stacey said...

Hi Jane,
I Came across your site via the poets who blog site(and very glad that I have)!!
Your picture of the man and the dog,goes perfectly with a poem I wrote on March 3rd called "Endless Road"

The Phantom said...

Sorry I haven't taken more advantage of your prompts and as soon as the plays I am in wrap up I hope to. But I couldn't let this one go because it was so easy :-) I wrote this one as part of me series of 26 pleiades: Taxed

franscud said...

Late as always, even with the broad prompt. Sorry I haven't been keeping up, but here it is:

Two hands, for one moment

paisley said...

i wrote a poem earlier in the week for a prompt i found on watermarks blog,, and it hasn't been getting any real notice as i posted it on the ink pot,, so i will post it here too,, as i feel it is fun to read.....

rainy day

shubd07 said...

Hello Jane
You have read the poem about the 39 yr old who died of brain tumor . May I request you to read the other side of the coin .. her husband's point of view .

Thank you once again for stopping by.