Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday's Theme #5

As you know, today is Inauguration Day and we swear in a new president. Thank Goddess for that! In honor of today, I thought I'd post a prompt. At first, I thought of' change,' but decided that was too predictable and mundane. So, the prompt for today is:

Good Riddance!!

Though the thought behind this prompt is political and stems from my joy of finally being rid of Monkey Boy and his disastrous dictatorship (I'm doing my happy dance right now!), feel free to steer away from the political in your story, poem, essay or blog post.

When you have finished your piece, remember to leave a comment with a link to that post, not your blog in general.

I'll be checking out the comments to my last prompt sometime today. I look forward to reading your take on my prompt.

May inspiration always find you!



Monica Ford said...

Hello there Jane. ;)

Thank you for the comment on my blog. I enjoyed coming to your blog earlier today... but then really started reading a bit more. I LOVE your prompts!

As soon as I can I'd like to do one!

I'll leave a comment when I do. Great idea~!

Jane Doe said...

Monica Ford~ My apologies for not answering your comment sooner. Thank you so much! I would be thrilled to have you participate!

All the best,