Friday, October 16, 2009

Sublime Saturday #4

I'm actually on time this week! I have no kids today and wanted to get my post up before I forgot. Since I'm home alone this weekend I'm choosing this as my prompt:


Do you love those moments alone? Or does solitude drive you crazy while you long for action and excitement? Write a post about Solitude, then leave your link in the comments.

Happy Writing,



Poetikat said...

I like this one, Jane. I may come up with something soon.

By the way, you may find today's post at Keepsakes very interesting.


Poetikat said...

Hi Jane,

Here's my link:

mark said...

Great idea, Jane.

And thank you for your kind words on your recent visit reading my poetry.

Jane Doe said...

Here's mine:

Igloo said...

Definitely very poetic and inspiring! Shame you're not doing these any more?

Kitchen worktops guy said...

Here's mine, a poem in which form enacts subject:

A solitary line

Patent Attorney said...

I feel as if solitude is a different experience from time alone, don't you think? Solitude implies a sense of sadness about the situation I feel.