Sunday, February 1, 2009

Saturday Free For All #17

We are onto the Saturday Free For All #17, which is my lucky number. I still only have one contest entry and it would make my day if there were more, the contest will run for at least another 2 weeks, so offer some ideas, please! You can check out the prizes here.

Yes, I'm a day late with this, but yesterday I was ill and just couldn't post.

I'm borrowing from a theme at Sunday Scribblings (I hope you don't mind! If so, let me know and I will delete this one and post a new prompt for today. You can read my post on Phantoms and Shadows here) and twisting it just a bit. I want to hear about your memories, but not normal memories, this theme is:

Odd Remembrances

What are your strangest memories? What are the most unusual, out of the ordinary, twisted memories you can conjure?

Write your poem, story, essay or blog post and leave a permalink to that post (not your blog in general) in the comment section and I will follow it and check it out!

Tomorrow I will write a post thanking my top Entrecard droppers for January, so come back to check that out.

May inspiration always find you!



Eveningson said...

Rob was a stout lad
not always he said...
but he was when I knew him from anzac days
and the rum that always followed.

He was slim he said
slim enough to drive a tank
in a jungle
for Australia the Fair
Somewhere in Viet Nam.

This is true what I say here
but he loved that war
for setting him free
he was a fair aborigine
and he was taken from his mother in Perth
and Placed in a foster home with Protestant kids near some farm
near Canberra.

Not right, he reckoned,
they thought
to have a white kid raised
by a black woman and no man.

The war got him other jobs
and showed him where he could drink
without getting killed
until one day
around christmas time
he shot himself.

Secondary Roads said...

My brain froze momentarily. She spoke up. What did she mean by that? Read about it here:


Rob Kistner said...

Greetings Jane – Haven't come by in while, but I enjoyed my visit here. I closed Writer's Island at the moment to focus on my writing. I invite you to stop by Image & Verse for a visit, or just to say hello.


Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

What a beautiful idea. May I follow your blog so that I can get in on the next insirational event?

Love your blog by the way.

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Jane Doe said...

Eveningson~ My apologies for not answering your comment sooner. That is a great poem! I love that, a very fitting piece for this prompt.

Secondary Roads~ Thanks for participating. I was finally able to read your post and left a comment.

Rob~ Thanks for stopping by! I'll be visiting you soon!

Midlife, Mistakes...~ I would be honored if you followed my blog. I am always happy to welcome new readers and followers!

Thank you everyone for reading, have a wonderful day!!


Bhuvan Gupta said...

Sometimes, love is full of different emotions all that roll together... My blog is a combination... I would like you to visit my blog and see all the poems and comment on them... Would love to hear your point of view on them.. Currently only 6 but will be updating my blog soon

Fallen Angel